Author: Dontrell Gilmore

Failing Forward

Have you ever attempted to accomplish a certain task, but did not receive the outcome you expected? Well I have and the initial blow can lead us on two different paths. We can decide to give up or we can decide to analyze what went wrong. In Spring of 2004 I had to choose which path I was going to follow. I was a tall and skinny 13 year old and basketball was my life. I almost always had a basketball wherever I went, and dreamed of playing in the NBA one day.   I decided the first step...

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Boys make excuses, Men make it happen!

  Every night I come home my tired mind and body are rejuvenated by seeing my beautiful wife and baby boy. I don’t know what foolish man would ever purposefully miss this. As a man it gets very difficult at times trying to serve our families well especially with all the things competing for our attention like emails, social media, work, things to be done, sexy ads, pornography, recreational activities, and the list could go on forever. I caution each one of you to silence all the outside chatter for a few moments a day, and check with your...

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