Author: Dontrell Gilmore

Virtual Adultery

I remember saying vows to my beautiful bride about how I would be committed to her through the ups and downs of life. We knew there would be many problems to arise in our marriage, but I never thought my viewing of pornography would intensify. I can remember times feeling disappointed and disgusted with myself because I was blatantly mistreating God's daughter He entrusted me to lead. I think the worst part of it all was I didn't think I was being unfaithful to my wife because I was not physically having sex with women, but my thinking was...

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Pornography is Not the Problem

Yes, you read the title correctly pornography is not the problem. In the same way the car itself is not the cause of a fatal accident by an intoxicated driver or guns are not the problem when used in a violent homicide. All of these have something in common they point to a bigger issue. In the case of pornography the problem isn’t pornography itself, but the problem is our hearts. How Can it be My Heart? I’m glad you asked. When I say heart I don’t mean the organ that pumps blood throughout your body. What I mean...

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Do You Pray for Your Husband?

Dear Wives and Sisters in Christ, I recently attended a gathering with some great women from my local church, and they inspired me to write more content dedicated to wives and mothers. I often joke that God created man, realized how pitiful and needy we were, then decided to created woman hahaha! On a serious note God created the perfect companion for man out of man after taking a rib from Adam God created something far more perfect and beautiful than what he had taken. God in all His wisdom and grandeur knew we needed you, bone of our...

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