Author: Dontrell Gilmore

Marriage Vows, and Things That Ruin Them

What was the most important part of your marriage ceremony, and if you're not married yet what are you planning to be the most important part of your wedding ceremony? Undoubtedly, the entire ceremony as a whole is important, but the part where vows are exchanged should be esteemed as the climax of the ceremony! Why? Because the entire covenant of the marriage is being set before God, husband and wife, family, and friends. At the heart of voicing marriage vows we are saying no matter what happens we are going to stay together and quitting is not an...

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Do You Lead Your Family to Church?

You can walk into many churches today, and you will find many men that are not active members or not there at all. Somehow in many families the wife/mother is expected to drag everyone to Church every Sunday morning. In some instances you will find the husband/father professing to be a Christian, but models it’s okay not be actively engaging with a local body of believers. If you are a man, husband, or father that professes to be a follower of Christ it’s time to MAN UP and lead your family to a local Church. I will give you three...

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Stop Doing This One Thing to be More Successful

Stop Doing This One Thing to be More Successful There is one thing many people do on a daily basis that slows or stops them from being successful. This seeming small action makes room for huge setbacks and failures. It also gives a false sense of hope that only disappoints in the end. Lastly, it has been a huge part of my life, and I’m finally saying goodbye because it’s holding me back in many areas. So what is this success killer I speak of? SNOOZE! Stop Hitting Snooze! Have you ever hit snooze so many times you sleep...

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Do You Fail At Being Romantic With Your Wife?

A few days ago my wife gave me a harsh gut check with some chilling words. We were having a conversation where she said, “you’re not as romantic as you used to be.” I was quick to respond with, “well when I try to be you don’t respond how I think you should,” and then I finally said, “you’re right I guess I’m not.” I’ve been thinking through the brief interaction, and I have come to a few conclusions. I realized what I thought was romantic and loving didn’t feel the same way to her. That led me to...

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