Dear Wives and Sisters in Christ,

I recently attended a gathering with some great women from my local church, and they inspired me to write more content dedicated to wives and mothers. I often joke that God created man, realized how pitiful and needy we were, then decided to created woman hahaha! On a serious note God created the perfect companion for man out of man after taking a rib from Adam God created something far more perfect and beautiful than what he had taken. God in all His wisdom and grandeur knew we needed you, bone of our bones and flesh of our flesh, to play an important role in all of creation!

The Reality

After the many years that has passed since Adam and Eve your husband still needs you now more than ever. There are so many trees of the knowledge of good and evil begging us to indulge in it’s fruit, and the same words are still echoing “you will not surely die.” But, you should be praying everyday your husband hunger and thirst for righteousness because Jesus said these are the ones who are blessed. Of course, you should be praying the same for yourself, but make it about your business to pray this for your husband.

We live in such a sexually, narcissistic, selfish driven society that we often take our eyes off of the things above and not of this world. Pornography is just a few clicks away, affairs are one late night at work away, and marriages are one argument away from divorce. These are situations that are now being considered as normal or expected in many cases, and it should not be especially for the Christian man or woman. How can you protect your husband and marriage?

Pray This for Your Husband Daily

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
And He said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.””

Matthew 22:36-37

You want your husband’s heart, soul, and mind to belong fully to God. You should pray this daily for your husband because it will help him to become a better husband, father, brother, servant, worker, leader, lover, and the list could go on and on. Most importantly it will help him to treasure Christ above all else which that should be the goal of every Christian man or woman.

I wanted to make this post short and sweet, but the next time I will tackling the topic about praying not only for but also with your husband. Thank you for reading, and I will love to hear feedback or more topics to write about!

Grace and Peace,

Donnie G.