It was a little past 1am, and I was driving down interstate 264 west bound leaving Virginia Beach heading to Norfolk. Prior to this drive my wife and I had to take our son to the emergency room because he was extremely lethargic and vomiting profusely. After about 12 hours of trying to find a problem or solution we were transported to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters for further investigation. That’s when I knew something more was wrong then a typical cold or virus.


Now, here I am driving down the interstate in tears because I had to pray one of the hardest prayers of my life. My prayer was simply this “Father I pray you will be glorified through my son’s life that you have given as a gift whether it be through life or death” then that’s when the cold tears started to roll down my face which seemed to be on fire. In that moment I was assured of two things God knows the pain of losing a beloved Son, and that my son would be okay. Then I felt a stillness and peace in my soul as I had never felt before. I believe God allows certain situations to happen in our lives to sober us to the more important things in life. It was scary thinking we could have lost our son in the midst of everything that happened. This one event made me question if I was pursuing the right things in my life in all my “busyness", and I came to three conclusions.

I Need More Personal Time With God

As my wife and I stayed in the hospital for a few days with our son I made it my business to seek God as much as possible. I had to ask myself a serious question “Am I seeking God more to become more like Him or am I seeking Him to somehow coerce Him into ensuring my son’s recovery?” The pursuit to grow closer to God’s heart through praying and reading His Word is a daily struggle of mine. Simply put some days are better than others, and I have no excuses as to why my pursuit of God isn’t more consistent. To find out how to consistently grow in my personal relationship with God I don’t know a better place to look than the examples Jesus displayed.

When Jesus’ fame started spreading He usually withdrew Himself because He knew everyone that heard about the the miracles would want one as well. Luke 5:16 says "But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” If God in the flesh had to withdraw in order to pray regularly then what makes us think we don’t have to do the same? The temptation in my personal life is to let prayer be the first thing I neglect when things start to become too “busy” when in reality those should be the times in which I seek God all the more. I know I need God because I’m literally nothing without him, so my plan of action is to wake before everyone in my home to seek God through meditation on His Word and prayer time.

My Smartphone is a Huge Distraction

As my son was laying helplessly in his hospital bed it broke my heart that I took precious moments with him for granted. I kept thinking about the times I would be halfway watching him as I scrolled through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, an email, or just casually browsing the web. What message I am conveying to my son when I spend more time with my phone in my hand then I do with him in my arms? Now I realize why children have cellphones at 5 years old because of the importance we place on them as a society.

Though a struggle I now put my phone down more when I’m spending time with my family because I want to convey to them that they have my full undivided attention while we’re together. Of course, I want to check the many notifications as they’re dinging and buzzing, but I think about the true cost of missing a few seconds of moments I’ll never get back with them. Phones come and go, but we can never replace the time we lose with our loved ones. 

Time is a Gift, Use it Wisely

What’s most important to you in your life? If you want to find out that answer then calculate what you spend your time thinking and doing the most. Then you will without a doubt find the answer. I love God, my wife, my son, my blood and church family, my business, and so many other things. One of my biggest downfalls is I make things that are not the main thing (Jesus) into the main thing by devoting too much time in trivial matters. I’m not saying my family, work, hobbies, etc. aren’t important, but I am saying sometimes I allow these things to bring me a false sense of security and pleasure by delighting in then.

The time we’re given now we will never ever be able to get back, so I plan to be more mindful of the things I do, say, and think. Our lives are but a vapor on this earth, and what we do with our time now determines how we’ll spend forever without time’s parameters. If I could sum up this entire article in one point it would be this: I want everything I do, say, and think in my life to glorify God. No, it will not be easy but it will be worth it especially knowing God will never leave or forsake the ones He has adopted into His Holy Family!

Grace and peace to you, and I pray you found this article to be helpful in your own life!

"One reason we are so harried and hurried is that we make yesterday and tomorrow our business, when all that legitimately concerns us is today. If we really have too much to do, there are some items on the agenda which God did not put there.” Elisabeth Elliot

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