Hello husbands and fathers Mother’s Day is 5/8/2016. I wanted to give a few ideas to show love and appreciation to your wives not only on Mother’s Day but any other day! Let’s dive right in…

DIY! (Do it Yourself)


There’s nothing like using your hands and a little creativity to make a special gift for your wife! You can make something with the kids or you can do it on your own. You can even make it a date with your wife, so you all can create something together as a keepsake for years to come. Click here to explore some great DIY ideas from Good Housekeeping!

Day Getaway

Car Ride with family

Plan a day out with your wife and kids, and make the day about her. Go to her favorite stores, eat at her favorite restaurant, see a movie she wants to see (yes, even a chick flick haha), and the list could go on and on. Make sure to give her your full attention because it’s about her. If she asks you do you like a dress she’s trying on respond enthusiastically and appropriately. For instance, “that dress looks amazing on you it would be great for a night out together” or "I think you should try another dress honey because this one exposes a little too much skin for everyone else to see." Whatever you do make it fun, and a day she will remember!

Spa Day

Spa day for wife or couples

Plan a spa day for your wife to be pampered. If she takes care of the kids, cooks, cleans the house, helps with school work, does the laundry, does the grocery shopping, etc. then allow her this time to relax. Let her know you will take care of the kids and chores for the day then send her off to be pampered. This can be an expensive option, so call around town to find a good deal with great service. If you have to go out and scope out the areas to ensure her safety then take the lead and do it.


Family Picnic

I’ve personally been putting this one off because I hate being cliché, but I’ve come to find many women love picnics especially when they are invited by their husbands! This can be a perfect opportunity to take family photos with a professional photographer or sit down and have some heart to heart conversations. Try to pick a day and time when the outside elements are comfortable for you and your spouse. You can do this at the beach, a local park, in your yard, or wherever you feel comfortable just make sure you’re there!

Do Nothing

Resting and Relaxing at home

Yes, you read it correctly! If you all are always on the go, always busy, and rarely get to spend time at home as a family then stay home. You can read scripture, pray, watch movies, play board games, start a garden, do karaoke, or just be together as a family unit embracing each other’s presence! Sometimes this can be a great option because we can get so lost in this busy world. Whatever you decide to do just make sure to enjoy each other because we never know what can happen!

Thank you for reading, and there are plenty more things you can do I just decided to list these for a starting point. Please comment with more helpful ideas!