Have you ever attempted to accomplish a certain task, but did not receive the outcome you expected? Well I have and the initial blow can lead us on two different paths. We can decide to give up or we can decide to analyze what went wrong.

In Spring of 2004 I had to choose which path I was going to follow. I was a tall and skinny 13 year old and basketball was my life. I almost always had a basketball wherever I went, and dreamed of playing in the NBA one day.
I decided the first step to reach the goal of becoming a professional basketball player was to make the high school's junior varsity team while I was in 8th grade. Tryouts were being held for a summer league team, and I was invited with a few friends to attend. I was so excited I didn't really sleep the night before, and it was all I could think about as the school day seemed to slowly pass. The final bell rang to dismiss us from school, then I was finally boarding the bus to take us to the high school!
We got off the bus then headed straight for the gym. To my surprise there were over 100 boys fighting for a spot on the team. We played game after game for a couple of hours then the coaches called everyone to the sideline. This was it they were ready to announce those of us who made the team. I was excited because I played really well and even show boated a little. To my surprise the last name was called, but it wasn't my name. I thought to myself, "wow they forgot to call my name." I marched over to the coach, and said pretty boldly, "hey coach you made a mistake you forgot to call my name." He looked over the list again then said "I'm afraid not you just need to develop a little more."
After hearing the coach say I needed to develop I had two choices to make: 1. Quit basketball altogether or 2. Work as hard as I could to make the junior varsity team in the fall. The journey began where I worked my hardest almost everyday to develop my skills. I not only made the junior varsity team I was made a captain, and that same year was pulled up to the varsity team where I played 4 years!
I tell that story because we all fail from time to time, but failing does not mean you're a failure. Failing only means we now have an opportunity to better ourselves moving forward. In essence we're learning to fail forward.


Now a days I fail at being a husband, father, friend, Christian, man, etc., but I don't look inwardly to improve anymore. I now look to God by seeking Him in prayer. Prayer is one of the most important Christian disciplines because through Jesus Christ we have a direct line of communication with God, our Father!

As a husband and father you will fail many times at many things, so it's important to remember we're not called to be perfect but to strive for excellence. We do that but humbly admitting our weaknesses to God, and praying for His wisdom to be showered upon us.
If your prayer life has been little to nonexistent I encourage you to fall on your knees every morning upon rising to meet our Father in prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, so you will know what to pray and how to pray. It does not have to be long and drawn out at first just make sure it's genuine and sincere.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or prayer requests. Let's work on becoming better husbands and fathers by simply praying asking God to convict our hearts on specific areas we can improve!